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Boruca Artists Winners Selby 2019

Boruca mask winners
winning mask Jaguar Nocturno "Jaguar Nocturno" Winning mask by Domingo Rojas and Sander Morales

Two Winning Masks!

This January 2019, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens celebrated their 15th annual Rainforest Mask exhibit and sale. 8,311 visitors were enchanted by the 336 vibrant masks created by indigenous artists from Boruca, Costa Rica. With two visiting artists demonstrating, painting classes, lectures and school tours, the Rainforest Mask exhibit brings a rich cultural exchange to the Sarasota community, attracting curious visitors, artists, and collectors from all over North America.

$1000 Artist Contest!

587 visitors cast their vote for the most outstanding pieces. Two masks, stood out and tied for first price! The impressive and creative "Jaguar Nocturno" by Domingo Rojas and Sander Morales. And the "Enchanting World" by Bernardo Gonzalez plus brothers Esteban and Omer Morales. Additionally, prizes were given to the best voted artist painter Marcos Rojas, and German Morales as favorite carver.

winning mask Enchanting World

Winning Mask by Bernardo Gonzalez, Esteban Morales and Omer Morales



Top Ten 2019 Selby Gardens Voted Favorites:

  • "Jaguar Nocturno" (Night Jaguar)
  • "Enchanting World"
  • "Coral Reef Gossiping"
  • "Metamorphis, Ciclo Ancestral"
  • "Always Watching"
  • "Twisted Perspectives"
  • "Rhinoceros Beetle"
  • "Psychedelic Swarms"
  • "Great Curassow at CuasranÃà, our Sacred Mountain"
  • "C√∫^" (alligator in Brunka)

Thank you to Selby Gardens, their incredible team and passionate volunteers, all visitors, and talented artists for making the 2019 Selby Rainforest Mask Exhibit a success!

Visit our gallery to purchase your own mask today.

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German Morales Delgado, Borucan artist

Bernardino Arce is an Amauta!

Bernardino Arce is an Amauta!

Selby Gardens Rainforest Mask Painting Class: Educational and Enchanting!

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