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High Resolution Photo Downloads

Product Shots For Your Publication

Find here a selected sample of products for which we offer you high quality photos available for download and use in your publication. Email us with your request, email your request and we will send you Ready to use high quality and eye catching high resolution product pictures for

Peruvian Gourd Carving Tradition

Carved Gourd Art


"In the Andean mountains of Peru, in a tiny village of 50 families, fine gourd carving has been practiced for generations..." Find out more about the gourd art tradition.


Following an ancient tradition of over 4,000 years, master gourd carvers take you through the process of creating Peruvian gourd art carving.

Finger Puppet Knitting Tradition

"In Chucuito, a tiny village near Lake Titicaca, on the frigid Andean mountain plateau at 12,500 feet above sea level, everyone is a master knitter. This Aymara community has a long history of fine textile making as their ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years..." Meet the artists.
Finger Puppet Knitting Tradition & the Artists
Arpillera Art Story

3-D Arpillera
Art Quilt Tradition

"The Arpillera folk art tradition began in the early 1970’s, when social upheaval in Peru pushed entire Andean communities to migrate to the city..." See how this art form got started.


"Starting from an idea, pieces of colorful fabric carefully selected are combined and hand stitched into unique collages..." Meet few of our artists at work.

Retablo Making Tradition

"The tradition of making retablos, or wooden containing figurines of protective Saints was brought to Peru by the Spanish during the 14th century conquest. In Europe, similar wooden tripthyc or Santero boxes had been used for centuries as mobile altars for travelers..." Find more about this vibrant folk art.
Retablo Altar Piece Tradition
Crisantino Master Weaver and His Art

Crisantino's Fine Weavings

"Crisantino Montes began spinning wool at age 8. His parents taught him while living in Cangallo, a tiny town in the Andes of Peru. With three years of studies in chemical engineering, Crisantino has master the art of natural dying and his work shows it." Meet this talented weaver artist.

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