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ARP630L - Farmer's Market - Large 3-D Arpillera Art Quilt

Backordered. Please allow extra time for delivery.

Bring the excitement and vibrant colors of a South American market and feel you are there with sellers and buyers looking for "papas" potatoes, "palta" avocado, "arroz" rice, "maiz" corn, "azucar" sugar, "soya" soybean, "pina" pineapple, or maybe "yucca"? You may also find other goodies such as like "lana" wool, hats, skirts, fabrics, or baskets! The artists first patched together a landscape with colorful fields. Next they designed, cut and stitched in the animals, little 3-D characters, vegetables, fruits, other goodies and embroidered details. Recycled Originality: This impressive 3D arpillera art scene is the result of a collaborative effort between designer Alessandra Bravo and top Peruvian arpillera artists. Each museum quality piece is creatively designed with lots of imagination and hand stitched with recycled and left over scraps of fabrics as an original artwork, and signed by the artist. Photo: This piece shown is an example of how yours will look. Please keep in mind that your 3D arpillera art quilt will be a one-of-a-kind and details will vary. If you would like to see your artwork before it ships, just ask and we will be happy to email you a photo within 3-7 days. Hanging: This museum quality 3D arpillera or textile art piece comes ready to hang or we suggest you consider having it professionally framed.

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