It’s Only Fair to Care for our Mother Earth

1% percent for the planet

Lucuma Designs joins 1% for the Planet

As fair traders, we have seen first-hand that when climate change wreaks havoc with extreme and unpredictable weather patterns, those who have less suffer the most.

Last year, strong torrential rains pummeled Northern Peru and flooded many towns including the small village of Narihuala, where our straw weavers live. They were forced out of their homes for weeks due to the water levels and damage. This year, an extreme cold front has shrouded Peru’s Andean regions in frost, which has led to disease and hundreds of lives lost. Here in Sarasota, Florida, the ocean is sick with algae blooms, which are killing our sea turtles, manatee, and fish.

It is all too sad and, at times, overwhelming. But we are hopeful and feel a desire to help our Mother Earth every way we can—even if it’s just one small step at a time.

Lucuma Designs has joined the 1% for the Planet network to step up our commitment to sustainability. In doing so, we plan to partner with like-minded nonprofits who are already working in the front line to help solve the most challenging issues our beautiful blue planet is facing.

This means that for every $1 of our handmade gifts you buy, we will donate a minimum of 1% to selected non-profits that are aligned with our values. In this way, you are already also part of the solution!

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