Standard Ground

Most orders ship by UPS within the continental US

  • FREE* on $600+ orders that ship complete (for in-stock immediate delivery or future orders) within the contiguous 48 US states*
  • FLAT $14.95 on $250-$599 complete orders.

* Free and Flat Rate Shipping Specials exclude gourd birdhouses.

** To qualify for Free Shipping, products on your order need to be in-stock really to ship and amount to at least $600 for immediate delivery. Flat rate and Free Shipping apply only to the first delivery. Standard shipping will apply to any back-orders. 



Air to Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories, or International

  • Priority or Express mail is normally the most economical and convenient way to ship your air or international orders.
  • Cost will be calculated depending on destination, weight and volume. If you need an estimate, please ask us.
  • Note please that the "express shipping" cost calculated on the shopping cart is a rough estimate for reference only. Actual cost will be calculated when your order is processed and will depend on actual weight, volume and destination. 

In a Rush?

  • When you need your order in a hurry, please call us at 877-858-2862 M-F 9am-2pm (EST) to confirm we can meet your special deadline.
  • Express Shipping Cost will dependent on destination, weight and volume. To know ahead of time, feel free to request a quote.

Processing Time

  • Orders are normally processed and shipped within 3 to 5 business days for in-stock products.
  • During peak season, processing times may be longer.

UPS In-Transit

  • From our warehouse in Sarasota, Florida boxes may take 1-3 business days to your store on the East coast, or up to 5-7 business days if you are on the West coast.
  • Expect to receive a tracking number when your order is shipped.
  • *These estimated shipping times within the US are for reference only as we are not able to guarantee exact dates of delivery by UPS Ground, Post Office or international destinations.
Lucuma Designs reserves the right to cancel or make changes to this policy at any time.