(from outside the USA)

Order Minimum: $250 plus a $10 international processing fee to be waived on orders over $500.  

International Agreement please download and fill this form to formalize your order. 

Order online, see current availability and re-order quickly from your order history!

Order by phone 1-941-360-8087 during standard business hours: 9am - 2pm USA (Eastern Standard Time).

Order by email sales@lucuma.com

International Payment  instructions for a wire will be sent once you place your order. At at this moment Lucuma Designs is unable to process international credit card payments.

Shipping for most orders, Priority Mail from the US Postal Service has proven to be the most economical way of shipping packages around the world of up to 15-20 lb. When buying in larger quantities, other methods will be considered. Once we calculate the weight and size of your order, we will confirm with you the best option.

** IMPORTANT: the shipping cost you may see in our shopping cart is only an estimate and is not accurate. 

Importing Customs & Duties as the buyer you assume all responsibility for any cost associated with importing our products into your country.

Import Limitations or Restrictions as the buyer, you are also responsible to determine ahead of time of any possible special requirement, or restrictions that your country may have on imports.

Europe Retailers:  our finger puppets and knitted toys are currently labeled only for the US and do not have the EU compliant toy label. Because of this, we are unable to sell them to any client in the EU.

UK Retailers:  click this direct link to FAIRE to discover and buy our collections.  Due to the new 2021 VAT ruling, Lucuma Designs is not currently set to sell directly to UK stores. 

Country of Origin 99% of our handmade collections are "made in Peru". The exception are the Boruca balsa wood masks from an indigenous community as those are "made in Costa Rica".  Other exceptions may apply to few marketing materials such as store sigs or wooden racks which are on ocassion "made in the US".

Returns we want you and your customers to enjoy our handmade gifts as much as we do, however, if for any reason you decide to return an item, please do so within 30 days of receiving it. Unless a return is due to a mistake from our part, shipping costs, and any money transfer fee associated with your purchase or return are non-refundable.

If you need additional assistance or have questions about shipping or ordering from outside the USA, we will be happy to help. Please email us!