rainforest masks of Costa Rica

rainforest masks of Costa Rica

Natural wonders of the tropical rainforest as depicted on the handcrafted masks of the Indigenous artists of Boruca, Costa Rica will be on view in the Marie Selby Museum of Botany & the Arts from January 6-21, 2024 in Sarasota, FL with a special preview January 5th. The cultural practice of mask-making honors the heritage of the Borucan people and reflects the strong connection they maintain with their beautiful natural environment.

Hundreds of spectacular masks displayed will be abound with plants and animals which often intertwined in complex compositions that heighten the dimensionality of the works. 

These vibrant balsa wood masks and totems burst with life and creativity. Let them thrive in your home and watch guests gush over their spectacular beauty. Lucuma Designs represents a collective of the top artists from Boruca, Costa Rica. Many of them have been carving and painting masks for over 30--their work certainly shows it! There are so many scenes to choose from and each one is signed by the artists. Will you choose to dive under the sea, or fly high with our bird masks?

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