Handmade Beauty

Victor Richard

A handmade gift has intrinsic value that goes beyond what our eyes can see. It tells a story. It offers us a window into the heart of the person who made it connecting us to our own humanity.

“Art is the expression of the soul. This work may seem so simple and humble, but it carries love, which is so important.” - Victor, traditional fine ceramist.

Hands are tools for co-creation. When they make something beautiful, their purpose is fulfilled.

“In my free time, I enjoy grabbing my two packs of twenty-two-pound clay and lock myself away. I ask not to be disturbed, so I can let my imagination run wild and create something new and special.“ - Richard, traditional fine ceramist
“As a child, I learned the art of natural color dyeing by helping my parents. What a joy it was because I could sing and dance while stirring the pot. And I always got praised by how well the colors turned out!” - Oscar, expert color dyer.

Admiring something beautifully made by hand has the power to inspire and urges us to also create!

“Working with colors uplifts me, it makes me feel alive and happy, it relaxes me. And I think on how with my work, I may help people experience something similar.” - Ana Maria, gourd carver.
“Since my husband and I both like art, we make a great team.” - Victoria, gourd artist
gourd carving