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Cardinals Add Spark to Your Display!

Cardinals are beloved birds everywhere! Whether they symbolize love, loyalty, or are seen as a messenger from the spirit world, they have played numerous roles in mythology and literature. So, get creative while incorporating them into your displays.

As a symbol of ROMANTIC LOVE

These little birds are known for mating for life and with their fiery red feathers, they’ve become fine symbols for romantic love. Add them to your Valentine’s, wedding, or anniversary displays! Swap hearts for the devotional birds and watch them fly off your shelf.

Honoring FAMILY

Cardinals are great parents--there is always at least one guarding its nest! Display cardinal-inspired pieces as “Welcome Baby” gifts for new or expecting parents.

cardinal birdies cardinals on a branch gourd box

Bring the Good LUCK

These birds are seen in all 12 months of the year and usually have 12 eggs in their nests. In Native American lore, the number 12 is considered lucky. If a cardinal is seen, it’s believed that person will have good luck either at noon, midnight, or 12 hours/days after the sighting. They can become a good luck charm for someone buying their new home or starting a new job.

Symbols of LOYALTY

Cardinals are loyal creatures--they mate for life and develop a close relationship with their young. Whether someone is shopping for the holidays or a special occasion, cardinal gifts will be exquisite gifts for loyal friends and family. Symbolic promises to stay true go a long way!


Native Americans see cardinals as messengers for the spirit world. If a cardinal is spotted, it’s believed that a recently departed loved one is trying to make a connection. A cardinal gift may help comfort someone going through a loss, so keep them near your “Sympathy” or “Thinking of You” display.

confetti cardinal ceramic ornament cardinals on a branch ornament
gourd birdhouse cardinals on a branch