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Turtle - Alpaca Finger Puppet
Ladybug - Alpaca Finger Puppet
Ladybug UKP069A Pre-Order. Coming Soon*
Butterfly - Alpaca Finger PuppetUKP070A
Macaw - Alpaca Finger Puppet
Macaw UKP072A Pre-Order. Coming Soon*
Bulldog - Alpaca Finger Puppet
Snake - Alpaca Finger PuppetUKP077A
Doctor, ManDoctor, Man
Doctor, Woman - Organic Cotton Finger Puppet
Prince - Bright Organic Cotton Finger Puppet
Female NurseFemale Nurse
Organic Puppet SignOrganic Puppet Sign
Animal Mix Organic Cotton Finger Puppet   (sold in 100's)UKP001B
Monkey with beard - Alpaca Finger Puppet
Male Nurse - Organic Cotton Finger Puppet
Africa Story PackAfrica Story Pack
Knitting Tradition Folded Tags - Pack of 50LCKN50T
People Mix Organic Cotton Finger Puppet (sold in 50's)UKP002B
Tiger - Alpaca Finger Puppet
Tiger UKP017A Stock: 40
Christmas Story PackChristmas Story Pack
Christmas Story Pack USP055B Pre-Order. Coming Soon*
Organic Cotton Finger Puppets Story Sheet
Animal Mix Alpaca Finger Puppets  (sold in 100's)UKP001A
Squirrel - Alpaca Finger PuppetUKP203A
Garden Animal Mix Organic Cotton Finger Puppet (sold in 50's)UKP612B
Nativity Story PackNativity Story Pack