1% For The Planet

With love for our Mother Earth and all earthlings, Lucuma Designs commits to donate at least 1% of our sales to environmental organizations dedicated to restoring eco-systems, supporting indigenous communities, and protecting natural habitats.

As we are all inter-connected, each year we choose to support a range of network non-profits working on causes closest to our heart. Often these organizations help communities regain food sovereignty, support sustainable agriculture, plant trees, install solar energy, protect indigenous rights, and more. This means that with every purchase from Lucuma Designs, you too contribute to these causes. Better yet, we invite you to explore how your shop can become part of this amazing network.

gourd drawing

Art Class in Cochas

To encourage and build new talent to support our gourd artists, Lucuma Designs, organized and sponsored an introductory art class in Cochas, Peru, in 2019. Every Saturday for thirteen weeks, our artist partners and others in the community came to learn basic drawing and painting techniques from an art teacher. It is our goal to offer this again in 2022.

after school program

After School Program in Cochas

In 2007, we were pleased and awed to learn about an ambitious project our gourd partners in Cochas had started on their own. Thanks to their success selling gourds through Lucuma Designs and other fair trade channels, these gourd artists decided to give back to their community by creating and funding an after school program to serve children from the poorest families in their region. Organized through their church, they started providing lunches and afternoon classes to 200 children. Today, the program serves over 700 kids and adults.

At Lucuma Designs, we love this example of “love thy neighbor” and fair trade in action and we contribute to this program with yearly donations.