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How can I submit orders?
Orders may be submitted by web, fax, phone or email. Web orders are best! Ordering online allows you to see what’s selling well right now and gives you access to exclusive online sales, current inventory and the fastest turnaround time. Plus you can clearly specify your payment method and backorder preferences. Special note: when ordering by email, please call with credit card information. Sending by email is not safe!

How do I order online?
Simply use your email address to sign in at and start shopping. Towards the end of the ordering process there is space to specify ship dates, PO numbers, special requests, backorder preferences and more. And never fear! We can manually make changes to anything after you submit it. Just please contact us right away.

How will my items ship?
We maintain most items in stock in our Florida warehouse and usually ship within a few days. We ship UPS insured to all continental US states, unless otherwise requested. We ship US Postal Service to AK, HI US territories, and International. Shipping is not included and is added separately to the invoice. Shipping rates depend on the size and the weight of the box. A small handling fee is included.

What is your backorder policy?
Sometimes items sell faster than our artists can make them. Fortunately we have monthly shipments throughout the year and more during the holidays. By default we keep backorders (over $50) for 60 days unless you tell us otherwise. Separate shipping charges apply to backorders.

Do you offer Net 30? 
After the initial prepaid order, all customers are welcome to apply for Net 30 terms. Please fax or email a credit sheet, which includes 4-6 valid references (company name, phone, fax, account number, contact if needed), to us at 877-363-0735. If you do not have a credit sheet, you can download a form from our wholesale website under Forms. You will receive notification upon approval.

What is your Return policy?
You may return any Lucuma Product within 30 days for a refund. But we also offer a great exchange policy, so you can keep your store looking fresh all year long! We stand behind the quality of our products 100%. If something’s not working for your store, exchange it within a year for something else.

Is everything Fair Trade? 
We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation, and as a company comply with all Fair Trade Federation Standards (plus a few of our own!).

Where do the products come from?
All of our products are handmade by talented artists. We are proud to work with 18 groups, over 258 artisans in Peru. 


What are gourds? 
Gourds are vegetables related to pumpkins, squash and cucumbers, and they grow in a variety of shapes and sizes. This allows gourd artists to create a range of decorative ornaments, boxes or birdhouses.

Can gourd ornaments be sold year round?
Absolutely, we have many ornaments with nature designs that are perfect for year round decorating.

What sort of birds can live in the birdhouses?
Gourd birdhouses make great nests for chickadees, wrens, nuthatches and other small birds. Since they sway in the wind, they are less likely to be taken over by sparrows and starlings.

Can birds actually fit through the holes?
Yes, the holes are the perfect size for small nesting birds.

Can the birdhouses be used outside?
Yes the birdhouses can be used outside. However, they last longer if kept under an overhang.

How do you clean the birdhouses?
To clean old nests out of the birdhouses you can shake them out or use a stick or wire to pull the nest out of the hole.


What fibers do the finger puppets come in? 
Our finger puppets are available in 4 fiber choices: natural organic cotton, bright organic cotton, alpaca and acrylic.

  • What is the difference between the fibers
  • Our organic cotton puppets are made from all natural fiber that are thicker and softer than the acrylic and alpaca.
  • The natural organic cotton is colored using natural, plant and mineral based dyes.
  • The bright organic puppets are dyed with man-made dyes that give them very vibrant color.
  • Alpaca puppets are made from soft, natural alpaca wool that give the puppets a fuzzy texture.
  • The acrylic puppets are made from synthetic fibers which makes them the most economical.

Are any of the finger puppets vegan? 
Only the bright organic and acrylic puppets.