Mask Artist Carver - Boruca, Costa Rica

“I identify myself with the jaguar, for its intelligence, patience and caution. They are very beautiful and represent the strength of us Borucans.”

Born in 1992, Rudy is one of the youngest fine-carving artists. His dad and older brother gave him the inspiration and at 15, he started to carve his own masks.

Rudy is always eager to try new techniques and often collaborates with other artists. They will bring him a balsa wood log with a design drawn for him to carve. In return the artist will paint one of Rudy’s masks. Thanks to collaborating with several painters in the village, Rudy has made new friends.

Participating in the project at Selby Gardens has allowed him to fund his studies. In 2019, he graduated with an accounting degree and is now focused on finishing his second degree in business management.