Fair Trade and Organics Pair Beautifully

Fair Trade and Organics

With each fair trade and organic product you buy for yourself or carry in your store, your impact on the earth extends even farther. Supporting organic agriculture is a concrete and effective way to help preserve and restore our beautiful blue planet as well as all living creatures —including us!

  • Cleaner products are safer for the artists, us consumers and even more for our children.
  • Organic agriculture keeps the air and water cleaner, so our surrounding communities also benefit.
  • By not spraying toxic chemicals on the crops, farmers health benefits.
  • By avoiding synthetic pesticides, the bees and other pollinators get a chance to thrive. And let’s thank them for pollinating 1/3 of each bite of food we eat!
  • Organics help restore the soil and promote biodiversity.
  • All around, organics are win-win for every one for today and tomorrow!
bright organic cotton puppets organic cotton yarn
naturally dyed organic cotton

Shop more organics from our fair trade friends!

Global Goods Partners

- 212-461-3647

"We love organic cotton for our kids toys because it makes them super kid safe! That, paired with natural dyes, makes them the best toy. Parents have no doubts when their little ones go for the inevitable toy-to-mouth situation. On a production side, it's a much safer and nicer material for our artisan partners in Peru to work with. We can be sure our production line from crop to toy is clean!"


Global Mamas

GlobalMamas.org/wholesale - 612-781-0455

"As an organization fully committed to the principles of fair trade and environmental sustainability going organic makes the most sense-- for both our people and the planet. From cotton farmer to customer, everyone benefits."


Maggie's Organics

MaggiesOrganics.com - 734-482-4000

"Maggie’s Organics believes that clothing and accessories should not only be comfortable, durable, and affordable, but also produced in such a way that respects the Earth’s resources including the lives of those who make the products."


Equal Exchange

EqualExchange.coop - 774-776-7366

If you are already an organic fan, or just starting, check out the cool collections from our fair trade friends, or explore for others at FairTradeFederation.org