Why Scary Masks?

boruca diablito masks

If you feel a little uncomfortable with these ugly faces, you are not alone, but please take a closer look! These masks can remind us that beauty is often born out of ugliness.

Story tells us that masks depicting nature spirits aided the Borucan warriors defending their village from the European invaders, who thought these indigenous people were little devils. Since their ancestors survived thanks to wearing them, masks have become the iconic symbol of Boruca. With each “diablito” mask, Borucans tell the world that despite their suffering and violent history, their culture is alive and worth celebrating!

Can you sense the euphoric happiness and creativity that flows through the wild patterns and colors? Can you enjoy the beauty in these fantastic, although sometimes very scary faces? No wonder these indigenous artists and the diablito masks they make hold a very special place in the hearts of the people.

boruca diablito mask