treephoto by Thiago Locks

Life thrives in ecosystems filled with variety! An organic and bio-diverse agriculture gives pollinators a chance. Seeds Saver’s Exchange is a wonderful non-profit source for all kinds of veggie and flower seeds. They also encourage communities to plant gardens and donate seeds as needed.

“We admit it. We love food. From exotic varieties of potatoes and corn and tomatoes that are all native to Alessandra’s Peru, to pumpkin pie and beyond. But did you know that there are thousands of varieties of tomatoes, apples and more? Our ancestors didn’t have hybrid varieties or GMO vegetables resistant to pesticides, they grew the fruits and vegetables that tasted good and thrived in their location. Seed Saver’s keeps these varieties alive and available for you to plant in your own garden.” Don, co-founder, Lucuma Designs

In 2019, Lucuma Designs contributed to Seed Saver’s Exchange because they work to promote the benefits of organic agriculture and healthy pollinators, as well as educate gardeners on simple, yet sustainable, gardening methods.

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