Visiting Percy Rojas and Team

Greetings from the downtown Lima, Peru workshop of Percy Rojas, an enthusiastic and innovative gourd artist! This past February, 2024, we had the pleasure of visiting Percy and his collaborators to get to know them a little better, see their art in action, and explore ways to collaborate more closely.

Percy originally hails from Cochas Chico, near Huancayo. Born in a family of artists, he learned from and continues to work closely with his parents Sebastian and Raquel, who have been creating many of our traditional gourds for over 20 years.
Nelly paints a birdhouse
Nelly Paints
"Our workshop was born in 2020 thanks to the pandemic. As there was not much to do, my brother and I decided to learn how to paint. This allowed us to refresh our creativity while expanding the possibilities of what we could do with our gourds. Soon we saw that our creations were being noticed, so we grew our team.” Percy Rojas
Percy Rojas holds his birdhouse gourd
Percy Rojas
Since last year, Lucuma Designs has offered Percy’s creations including new painted ornaments and birdhouses, so we were pleased to see first hand their creative painting talent! We couldn’t help but notice how Percy and company seem to be constantly innovating and perfecting their art through classes and by collaborating with other visual artists.

Percy has big plans to build a new workshop and is also investing in improving their current working space. He recently installed an A/C to help stand the unusually hot summer months.
Painting Process
Painting an Ornament
We had fun meeting these talented artists, chatting with them, taking photos and filming them. It was nice seeing their latest creations and getting inspired with new ideas, so stay tuned for some cool new products coming soon. Thank you Percy, Doris, Eva, Claribel, Nelly and Paulino for sharing your work and time with us.
See our current collection of painted gourds from them at or on Faire.
Painted Gourd Collection
Center Percy Rojas