4 Tips to Brighten your Shop this Winter

Tulip Arpillera

The holidays have passed and winter storms are in the forecast. How can you get people into your store? At Lucuma Designs, we suggest making your store a haven for beauty amidst winter’s dim light. These may be obvious, but sometimes we all forget the obvious.

  • How is the lighting in your store? LED bulbs are cheaper than ever, come in daylight colors, and can be pointed into dark corners.

  • Add more color! In the absence of Christmas lights and poinsettias it’s time for something else bright and cheerful. Think of the pinks, oranges and yellows of spring blooms or green like Pantone's color of the year.

  • Add some love with hearts for Valentines.

  • Do you have a “selfie” spot in your store? Encourage your visitors to advertise your store. A beautiful wall hanging such as our arpilleras make a great backdrop for people out shopping with friends.