Quick and Easy Hashtag Tips


Hashtags are used on most social media platforms. They allow people to search for posts based on things like subject or location. Remembering to use hashtags in your posts can help expose your business to new customers. Here are a few easy tips for using hashtags for your store.

  1. Create a hashtag for your business
    You could use your shops name or consider using a short tag line. Use it on all your posts to help expand awareness. Make your customers aware of the hashtag so that they can use it too. We use #LucumaDesigns
  2. Use hashtags for appropriate national campains
    There are all sorts of national hashtag campaigns. For example for the upcoming holiday season small businesses can use #ShopSmall and #SmallBizSat. If you're a fair trade business you can use #FairistheNewBlack
  3. Use keywords as hashtags
    Make sure to use keywords related to your post as hashtags so there's a chance people will find your store when they’re searching for things. We use general tags like #gourds, #ceramics and #madeinperu.