If you enjoy the originality and quality of Lucuma Designs ArtCrafts and have an idea for a new product, we’d be happy to help you make it happen! At Lucuma Designs we create new things every day and have been collaborating with over 100 exceptional Peruvian artists since 1998. By combining their fine craftsmanship, artistic talent and creativity with fresh ideas and quality control, we constantly develop our extensive handcrafted collection.

Today we offer institutions, stores, and interior designers the opportunity to join this design quest. Challenge our artists to create a collection of new products that you can call your very own!

Just imagine the possibilities…

  • A knitted finger puppet with your institution’s mascot.
  • Your park’s landmark carved on a gourd box or hand painted.
  • A favorite view in your botanic garden as a vibrant 3d Arpillera art quilt.
  • An Arpillera 3d Arpillera Art Quilt with a Biblical scene for your church or organization.
  • Your state flower hand painted on a box, wooden handbag or greeting card.
  • A treasure box with your name engraved on a silver plate…

  • Call our designers today for a no obligation, free discussion of your idea at 877.858.2862 or email us at info@lucuma.com

    Custom Made Basics

    Product Development Fee   The cost for developing your first prototypes will vary depending on the line, design complexity, materials supplied, timing, number of prototypes and revisions required. Once we know your project details and requirements, we will present you with a very reasonable proposal.

    Minimums   Since all our products are handmade, you can have a product made to your specifications in very approachable quantities. Minimums will vary depending on the line and the extent of customization and may range from a large 3d Arpillera art quilt to perhaps 500 finger puppets. These quantities are shown as reference only to give you an idea and may vary from project to project.

    Lead Time   Prototype development may take from 3 to 12 weeks depending on the product’s complexity, time of the year, artist availability and the number of prototype revisions needed until they are just right. Please plan ahead as we work on a first come first served basis. For Christmas products we recommend beginning in May.

    Handmade Quality & Expectation   You can expect only the best handmade products from Lucuma Designs and our artists. Creative variations are to be expected and our clients appreciate them as each product is crafted by hand one at a time. If your needs require a 100% EXACT replica of a design, we suggest you consider a machine made option.

    Pricing   Prices for your custom made product(s) will vary and normally will be similar to equivalent products from our collection. Depending on complexity, materials and how close your idea is to something our artists already do, we should be able to offer you a per unit price at the start of your project. If your requirements are complex, we may need to wait for your first prototypes before setting up a unit price for production.

    Lucuma's Product Development Process

    1. Exploration   Tell us what you are looking for and with no obligation we will help you explore the possibilities. We should be able make suggestions on how to proceed and recommend the best technique or medium for your needs.

    2. Proposal   If we are confident that we can meet your design challenge and schedule, we will present you with a development proposal.

    3. Payment   The non-refundable development fee and advance deposit for the minimum quantity needed will be requested at the start of each project. The advance deposit on product will be refunded in the event you decide to cancel the project before prototype approval.

    4. Design Materials   Once we receive your materials and documentation in the form of photos, graphics, sketches and/or instructions, we will start the design and preparation of visual aids and instructions for our artist(s).

    5. Communication   Lucuma Designs will coordinate between you and the artist(s) for the preparation and delivery of corresponding prototypes in a timely manner. It is our experience that normally just one revision is sufficient and often not even needed. To assure you that your product will be just right, it is standard in our product development proposals to include at least one revision.

    What we will need from you?

    It works best if you have a well-defined idea and are able to provide instructions and visual materials in the form of sketches, photos or graphics.

    If the idea is just in your head, that is fine too. We can certainly work with you to develop the visuals needed for product development. Please keep in mind that our development fees will take into consideration how much up front design and visual aids preparation is needed, so the more you can provide up front, the better.

    When you are ready just give our designers a call at or email us info@lucuma.com