Peruvian Farmer's Market - Large 3-D Arpillera Art Quilt

Peruvian Farmer's Market - Large 3-D Arpillera Art Quilt

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Our Story

Our StoryIn 1998 as an American-Peruvian team we had a crazy idea: what if we could share the best of Peruvian craftsmanship with the world and create opportunities for top artists while having fun? Don as web expert and Alessandra as visual designer brought the perfect combination of creativity and expertise to get Lucuma Designs started! Today you may find our handmade gifts in over 500 specialty and fair trade shops, museums, botanical gardens, nature centers and boutiques in North America and few other places around the world. We hope you will find them inspiring. Don & Alessandra, Co-founders

Our Mission

Lucuma Designs promotes superb artists from Peru and Costa Rica. Inspired by our love for nature, our collections come to life through collaborative design, sustainability, fine craftsmanship and authenticity.

Through fair trade, our handmade gifts and traditional folk art become tools that connect, uplift, inspire, spark change and bring hope. Together we are creating a more compassionate and beautiful world.

Lucuma Designs has been a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999 and One Percent for the Planet since 2018.


  • Spread Beauty & Cheer: because the world could always use a little more beauty, our Five Beauty Pillars guide our work.
  • Our Artists: are organized in 20 family run workshops and cooperatives throughout Peru. Find out more about our artists and craft traditions.
  • Women: Of the 300+ artists and crafters we reach, over 80% are women. Their work empowers them to have a stronger voice within their households and communities.
  • The Lucuma Fruit: “Lucuma” is a tasty Peruvian fruit, with a bright orange-yellow pulp that mirrors the vibrancy of our collections and of Peruvian Folk Art.
  • Fair Trade: in 1998, the term “Fair Trade” was unknown to us, until we discovered the "Fair Trade Federation" several months after launching. In 1999, we were thrilled to join this network of like-minded businesses doing similar work and with whom we could share and learn from our combined experience. Find out more about our Fair Trade commitment.
  • Retail Partners: Our collections reach consumers on the shelves of 500+ specialty gift shops, museums, fair trade stores, botanic gardens and nature centers, and select craft galleries and boutiques across the US and abroad. If there is not a retail shop in your area you can go to our retail site.
  • Custom Made: Working hand in hand creatively with our artist partners allows us to offer you personalized and custom made products. Our artists are usually thrilled to please and make your wishes come true, so just ask!
  • At Your Service: expect from our team personalized customer service, quick turn around, selling aids to help you tell our artists' stories, easy returns and an almost risk-free exchange policy!

With exuberant colors and a wild variety of products, fruits, veggies, this Peruvian market is an invitation to explore! Dig in to discover “zapallos” squash, "papas" potatoes, “aji” hot peppers, "platanos" bananas, or maybe a juicy “sandia” watermelon? Also, don’t forget to try on that fancy skirt and why not get also a piece of that authentic fabric that caught your eye! Arpillera Process: artists first patch together a landscape background using mostly cotton fabrics. Next they draw, cut and stitch in the animals, little 3-D characters, vegetables, fruits, other goodies, then embroidery adds the final touches. After the piece is done, a back cotton cloth is stitched to give it body. Recycled Creativity: this 3D arpillera was creatively hand-stitched by Anselma as a one-of-a-kind, using up-cycled left over scraps of fabrics from the textile industry. This textile art piece is the result of years of collaborative effort between top Peruvian arpillera artists and Lucuma Designs’ designers. Photo: as each piece is always unique, we will confirm that the piece you see here is the actual piece we have on hand and that you will receive before shipping. Hanging: this museum quality 3D arpillera or textile art piece has a pocket for a rod for easy hanging. Or we suggest you consider having it professionally framed.

Size: 39" x 34" handmade, artisan gifts and decor made by hand Size: 39" x 34"