Santa Tall Hat Mix  - Gourd Ornament (Sold in 12's)

Santa Tall Hat Mix - Gourd Ornament (sold in 12's)

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Company Mission, Story and Facts

Our Story
In 1998 as an American-Peruvian team we had a crazy idea: what if we could share the best of Peruvian craftsmanship with the world and create opportunities for top artists while having fun? Don as web expert and Alessandra as visual designer brought the perfect combination of creativity and expertise to get our cool brand started! Today the Lucuma Designs brand represents the work of over 300 artisans throughout Peru and is sold in over 500 specialty stores in North America and few in other places around the world.

Our Mission - Spread Beauty & Cheer!

Through artistic collaboration, superb craftsmanship, sustainable design and amazing teamwork, Lucuma Designs' collections spread beauty and cheer to consumers and artists alike! By building win-win partnerships for the long run, we create opportunities that empower Peruvian artists to help themselves and their communities. Lucuma Designs has been a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999 and One Percent for the Planet since 2018.

Cool Facts

  • Spread Beauty & Cheer: because the world could always use a little more beauty, our Five Beauty Pillars guide our work.
  • Our Artists: are organized in 20 family run workshops and cooperatives throughout Peru. Find out more about our artists and craft traditions.
  • Women: Of the 300+ artists and crafters we reach, over 80% are women. Their work empowers them to have a stronger voice within their households and communities.
  • The Lucuma Fruit: “Lucuma” is a tasty Peruvian fruit, with a bright orange-yellow pulp that mirrors the vibrancy of our collections and of Peruvian Folk Art.
  • Fair Trade: in 1998, the term “Fair Trade” was unknown to us, until we discovered the "Fair Trade Federation" several months after launching. In 1999, we were thrilled to join this network of like-minded businesses doing similar work and with whom we could share and learn from our combined experience. Find out more about our Fair Trade commitment.
  • Retail Partners: Our collections reach consumers on the shelves of 500+ specialty gift shops, museums, fair trade stores, botanic gardens and nature centers, and select craft galleries and boutiques across the US and abroad. If there is not a retail shop in your area you can go to our retail site.
  • Custom Made: Working hand in hand creatively with our artist partners allows us to offer you personalized and custom made products. Our artists are usually thrilled to please and make your wishes come true, so just ask!
  • At Your Service: expect from our team personalized customer service, quick turn around, selling aids to help you tell our artists' stories, easy returns and an almost risk-free exchange policy!

HO! HO! HO! says Santa as he shows off his tall hat! An original design created by master gourd artists Lizzet & Rodolfo in Cochas, Peru. First comes the drying, cleaning and color dying of the gourds. Rodolfo then hand-draws each ornament. Then the gourd is carved with simple hand chisels, and finely the details are burned. Shape and details will vary as nature and the artist intended. Assorted colors come in red, green and purple. Price is per ornament. (Sold in 12's)

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