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Store Video Myths

Bring videos to your store by overcoming these common myths and make them your best allies!

Myth #1: It's Pricey If you think a video display is expensive, think again! Now, there are systems available for all budgets!

$ Budget

If you already own a simple Android tablet or iPad, you can loop videos! Search for “video looper” in the app store for your tablet to learn more.

$$ Middle Range

Most smart TVs can loop video including the Roku TV, which may be found for as low as $100 at your local store. Be sure to verify the capability before you buy and consider the cost of a mounting device to hang on a wall. Also, if you purchase a usb drive, be sure to choose USB 3 or better. Many stores offer an installation service to make it easier.

$$$ Premium

For maximum flexibility and control, get an HD or 4K TV or monitor starting around $100, as big or little as your display can fit. An HD monitor will suffice for most stores now. Pair it with a flexible media player such as the HD Micca Speck Media Player for about $40. Download as many videos as you need on a USB 3 stick and you are ready to play!

Myth #2: Technology is Complicated The HD Micca Speck Media Player makes it easy. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Location Choose a location near a power outlet where a TV can be mounted securely.
  • Download Some Videos Go to our Vimeo site to download our artist videos onto your USB 3 stick. Then, plug in the USB to the HD Micca Speck USB port.
  • Connecting the Pieces Use the HDMI port and cable to connect the Speck to the monitor, the plug in the Speck to an outlet and turn on the monitor.
  • Screen Time Use the remote to navigate to the video section, which appears on the bottom of the screen. Next, find your intended video/collection of videos to play for your guests and customers. Click “OK.”
  • Playing and Navigation If you wish to play a single video on a loop, click “repeat” on the remote until the icon on the screen reads “repeat one.” Playing the whole playlist, click “repeat” until the icon reads “repeat all.” To return to the video menu, click the “stop” button. You will be redirected to your video playlist.

Myth #3: I Have Nothing to Play Ask your partners and suppliers if they offer videos as well! In the meantime, here are few Fair Trade Federation members who have store videos for you to share:

Happy Sharing!